Our classes are interactive, fun and social!

Connection and support for pregnant, intended and new parents has always been at the heart of what we do. We offer both in-person and virtual options for our classes.


We promise that whichever option you choose it will be an engaging experience that provides you a way to meet other parents and have real-time contact with our experienced educators. We offer in-person classes in Calgary and virtual classes that are an excellent choice for participants from anywhere in Alberta.

Early Pregnancy


This free interactive class will get you thinking about the changes pregnancy brings to your body, relationships, and lifestyle. Come early in your pregnancy to give you, your partner, and your baby the best start. Topics covered include:


– Lifestyle choices to facilitate a healthy pregnancy
– Relationship changes
– Choosing a caregiver and the differences between Obstetrical, Family Physician and Midwifery care
– Warning and preterm labour signs
– Decision making
– Resources
– Common discomforts, challenges and coping





Healthy Eating for Pregnancy


Looking for nutrition information? Wanting to know how your nutrition needs change during pregnancy or what foods are safe to eat while you are pregnant? Join a Registered Dietitian and learn more about nutrition during pregnancy, including tips to help you eat well and stay healthy. Pregnant individuals at any stage of their pregnancy can attend a support person is also welcome to attend with you.

Open to Alberta Residents Only
For more information on this class click here!





Relax for Pregnancy and Labour


This session will explore a variety of relaxation and coping techniques that will give you practical ways to get in touch with your body, release tension, and handle changes in positive ways. This session aims to give you more skills for pregnancy, labour and beyond. Partners are encouraged to attend. Please note that this class does not replace a prenatal series and does not exclusively focus on labour coping strategies.





Cooking Your Way to Wellness in Pregnancy


Cooking Your Way to Wellness in Pregnancy is a free series of practical & interactive classes designed to provide you with the hands-on experience to create healthy eating habits during your pregnancy to help ensure you and baby are as healthy as possible. Learn about important vitamins and minerals for pregnancy and where to find them, learn how to prevent food-borne illness during pregnancy, learn tips for successful meal planning, and enjoy a cooking demonstration and two hands-on cooking classes!


FREE CLASS (2 classes – 1.5 hrs)

Birth & Babies Signature 10 Week Series

The most comprehensive prenatal and postnatal experience. Classes run for 10 consecutive weeks, beginning about 6 to 7 weeks before your due date and continuing beyond birth. A celebration is held on the last class.


Ideally, your baby is born between weeks five and seven of the series, then you and baby come back to class. If you select a class that begins too early, or too late, you will not get the full benefit from the classes and full participation.


By setting up a log-in and account with your due date, this will help you to register for the best Birth and Babies Signature series to match your due date. If there is more than one series available at that time, select the most convenient location.


Prenatal topics week 1 to 5

  • Signs of labour
  • How labour progresses
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Breathing, relaxation, positioning, and other comfort measures
  • Medical procedures
  • Pain medications
  • Decision-making
  • Breast/chestfeeding

Prenatal topics week 6 to 10

  • Baby care basics
  • New parent tips
  • Community resources
  • Communication and relationships
  • Getting out and about with baby
  • Infant massage
  • Travelling with baby
  • Home safety and health



Birth & Babies Essentials Series

Discussion, multimedia presentations, and practice sessions are used to help you prepare for labour, birth and parenting.


Topics include:

  • Signs & stages of labour
  • How labour progresses
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Breathing, relaxation, positioning, and other comfort measures
  • Community Resources
  • Pain medications
  • Decision making
  • Medical procedures
  • Breast/chestfeeding
  • Baby care basics
  • New parent tips


Birth & Babies Essentials is offered in a variety of formats to meet your needs. Choose from:


Birth & Babies Essentials Weeknight (6 weekday evenings – 2 hrs) $145
Birth & Babies Essentials Weekend (4 Saturdays – 3 hrs) $145
Birth & Babies Essentials Weekend (2 Saturdays – 7 hrs) $145



Birth & Babies Essentials for Midwifery Clients (6 classes – 2 hrs) $145

This series, intended for those receiving midwifery care, builds on the support and information you already receive from your midwife. You will have an opportunity to understand how you can work with your body’s own ability to labour, birth, and breast/chestfeed. The emphasis is on coping, comfort, and support techniques useful for late pregnancy, labour, birth, and the early postpartum period.  Includes baby care and feeding baby.



Birth & Babies Essentials for Young Adults (4 classes – 2 hrs) FREE

These free classes are for pregnant individuals 20 and younger. They are two hour classes held one evening a week for four weeks. The participant is welcome to bring a support person to class.



Twins & Triplets Birth & Babies Essentials (7 classes – 2 hrs) $145

This series builds on the regular Birth & Babies Essentials with emphasis on the impact of having multiples. Information on premature birth, the care of preterm babies and practical strategies for feeding and caring for your babies is covered. Don’t forget to sign up for your free Twins, Triplets and More class presented by TTMAC that is included with your purchase of a Twins and Triplets Birth & Babies Essentials series.

Childbirth Refresher Class – includes VBAC (2 classes – 2.5 hrs) $75


This class is for those experiencing a subsequent pregnancy who want to build on current knowledge, skills, experience, and needs. Examining risks and benefits of a vaginal birth after cesarean will also be covered.


Topics include:

– Reflection on your previous experience, labour and birth
– Coping strategies, medications, pain management and interventions
– Understanding common interventions used for VBAC deliveries, including pain management options
– Exploring decision making strategies and how to work with your health care team to achieve your goals around labour and birth
– Local information and resources

Register on-line or contact us for more information and options.