“Postpartum” simply means “after birth.”  This is mostly a time of joy and celebration but can also be a time of stress as families recover from the birth and learn to care for self and newborn baby.

Postpartum services in Calgary and area are here for support.



Postpartum Services offer free supportive health services for birth parents and newborns including the following:

  • Birth parent health and emotional health assessment

  • Newborn health assessments

  • Staple removal (after C-section)

  • Resources and referrals

  • Breastfeeding support, information and referral to a lactation consultant or physician, as required

  • Bottle feeding information and support, based on parent choice

  • Health screenings including newborn jaundice and metabolic screening

  • Access to breastfeeding pumps (low income) and infant weigh scales as necessary

  • Social work access may be available for parents with resource and intervention needs

  • Hospital referrals for urgent health concerns

AHS Public Health Postpartum Services will contact you:

  • Clients are contacted within 24 hours to book an appointment

  • We will assess the type of appointment you and your newborn will require

  • The appointment for you and your newborn ensures you will have a healthy start together

    Free virtual zoom class on Feeding Your Newborn – NOTE: all feeding methods will be discussed.

    AFTER your baby is born, please call 403-955-1450  to register or contact birthandbabies@ahs.ca.  This is a postpartum class.