Our classes are interactive, fun and social!

Connection and support for pregnant, intended and new parents has always been at the heart of what we do. We offer both in-person and virtual options for our classes.


We promise that whichever option you choose it will be an engaging experience that provides you a way to meet other parents and have real-time contact with our experienced educators. We offer in-person classes in Calgary and virtual classes that are an excellent choice for participants from anywhere in Alberta.

Class Brochure

Adoptive & Intended Parent Baby Care
A chance for adoptive and intended parents to share experiences, ask questions and learn about caring for a newborn. This interactive class provides information on feeding, sleep and crying, newborn care and characteristics and much more.
$45 (1 class x 2.5 hrs)

Baby Care
This class is included in all Birth & Babies Signature and Essentials series.
Have some hands-on fun in this two-hour interactive class. Get your questions answered and learn about infant crying, diapering, bathing and more.
$30 (1 class x 2 hrs)

This class is included in all Birth & Babies Signature and Essentials series.
This class will cover how breast/chestfeeding works, feeding cues, positions and latching, normal feeding patterns and resources.
$30 (1 class x 2 hrs)

Buying for Baby
Baby is coming, what do you really need to buy? How many diapers will you need? Is a more expensive stroller better for baby? What kind of toys are best for baby’s development? Answers to these questions and more will help you decide what to buy and how much to spend. Information about parental benefits and RESP’s for baby will be shared. We promise you can save at least $500 by attending this one evening class.
$10 single, $15 couple (1 class 2 hrs)

Car Seat Safety
In this 2 hour class you will learn about choosing the correct child safety seat for your child and how to use and install the different types correctly. Learn when a child should move to a different type of seat and the choices available. The current laws and recommendations will also be covered.
Take before or after having your baby, open to extended family members and caregivers.
$10 single, $15 couple (1 class 2 hrs)

Especially for Fathers
This class will help you explore fatherhood, what it means to you to become a new father, what kind of parenting role you want for yourself and your child, and coping strategies for your new role as a parent. Fathers’ top concerns for pregnancy, birth and fatherhood will be discussed. This three-hour Saturday class is for fathers only, and is best taken before the baby is born.
$45 (1 Saturday class x 3 hrs)

Baby Health & Safety

In these interactive classes you will learn about common illness and keeping your baby healthy, explore ways of preventing home injuries, car seat use and be introduced to basic first aid and infant CPR. Take before or after having your baby (babies are welcome in class). Open to extended family members or caregivers. This is not a certification class.


Sleep Like a Baby
For expectant parents and parents of babies under three months. Come to this two-hour class to learn about normal newborn sleep patterns, parents’ expectations about sleep, how to handle feeling exhausted, and where to find resources to help new parents.
$40 (1 class x 2 hrs)

Twins, Triplets & More: Adjusting to Parenthood
Join representatives from the Twins, Triplets and More Association to talk about adjusting to life with more than one baby. Helpful tips and community resources for parents will be covered. (This class is free with your registration into a Childbirth Essentials Class, must register separately)
$25 (1 class x 2 hrs)

Join Registered Dietitians from Alberta Health Services for these free classes on infant feeding, toddler eating and nutrition for mom!

Healthy Eating for Pregnancy
Looking for nutrition information? Wanting to know how your nutrition needs have changed or what foods are safe during pregnancy? Come learn more about nutrition during pregnancy including tips to help you eat well, stay healthy and support healthy weight gain. Pregnant women at any stage in their pregnancy and their support person are welcome. Open to Alberta Residents Only.
Free (1 class x 1.5 hrs)

Nutrition for New Moms
If you’ve had a baby recently this class is for you! Learn strategies to help fuel your own body while caring for a baby. Discussion will include balanced eating, meal planning and goal setting. Specifics on nutrition and breastfeeding will be reviewed. Open to Alberta Residents Only
Free (1 class x 1.5 hrs)

Feeding Your Baby
A daytime class for parents, caregivers, and babies. Are you getting ready for your baby to start solid foods? A dietitian will answer your questions about what to feed first, textures and other topics related to feeding your baby. Babies are welcome! Open to Alberta Residents Only
Free (1 class x 1.5 hrs)

Mealtime Struggles to Mealtime Success
Do you have questions about your child’s eating? This evening class will show how to create a positive mealtime environment, introduce new foods and how to cope with mealtime struggles. This class is for parents and caregivers with children 1-5 years of age. Adults only please
Free (1 class x 2 hrs)

Virtual Interactive Cook-Along
Need help with meal planning and preparation? Virtual Interactive Cook-Along is an interactive class designed to provide you with the hands-on experience to create healthy eating habits. Learn about nutrition for pregnancy while preparing dishes to stock your fridge for the week. You will be provided a grocery list, equipment list and the recipes ahead of time. You will need to obtain the groceries and have your space set up (some advance prep may be required) and ready to go in time for the cook-a-long. Open to Alberta Residents Only.
Free (2 classes x 1.5 hours)

Register on-line or contact us for more information and options.