Pregnancy is a time of many changes – physical, emotional and social — and there are numerous things you and your partner can do to adjust to these changes.

This class talks about making positive lifestyle choices that will help produce a strong, healthy baby. It outlines what you can do to stay comfortable during your pregnancy and how you can reduce complications. Class topics include:


Section 1 – What is my baby doing?

During the nine months of pregnancy your baby will go through many changes.

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Section 2 – What is happening to my body?

Pregnancy brings many changes as your baby grows and you may feel uncomfortable at times. The following are symptoms that many people experience. Included are some tips to help you feel better.

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Section 3 – Emotional well being

Patience, understanding and communication will help you cope with the emotional highs and lows that can occur during pregnancy.

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Section 4 – How do I stay active?

Regular physical activity during pregnancy is considered beneficial. It can help alleviate many pregnancy symptoms, help you be physically prepared for labour, and facilitate postpartum recovery. It is important to take time to relax and rest when you are tired.

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