During your baby’s first few months, there are a variety of common concerns that may occur, some of which are normal and others that are minor and can be handled at home. It is also during the first few months that it is recommend that your baby start a regular vaccination schedule.

This class covers common infant concerns, safety and childhood vaccinations.

Section 1 – Common infant health concerns

There are quite a few common concerns when it comes to new infants. Sometimes as a new parent it’s hard to know what is or isn’t normal. This section takes a look at the most common concerns that arise.

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Section 2 – Baby safety

Most child injuries are preventable. There are some very important things you can do to keep your baby safe like using an infant car seat correctly every time in a vehicle, preventing your baby from falling off furniture or down stairs, and using a safe crib. Often injuries happen because parents aren’t aware of the risks to their baby’s safety.

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Section 3 – Vaccinations

Vaccination is one of the most important health care decisions an individual can make for themselves and for their children.  Vaccines are a safe and effective way to provide protection against many infectious diseases, preventing serious illness and severe complications from these diseases.  The risks of the diseases are significantly greater than any risks from the vaccines.

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