Birth is a normal physiological process. However, the process of birth is unpredictable, and sometimes medical help becomes necessary. This section will discuss the various procedures and medications that you may encounter during your labour and birth experience.



Section 1 – What are the medical options for pain relief

Many people find that using self help techniques such as changing positions, relaxation, showering and massage are all they need to cope with labour pain. Some people find that they need or want more help to cope with labour.
Other pain relief options including medication are available. It is important to know how they can help you as well as possible side effects for you, your baby and your recovery. Your healthcare provider can help you with decisions about pain relief options in labour. We encourage you to find out more about these options before your labour starts.

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Section 2 – Medical procedures during labour

While labour is a normal process, it is also unpredictable. During labour and birth, your caregiver may need to recommend one or more medical procedures to help you or your baby.  It can be helpful to find out more about medical procedures before your labour starts. Learn more about the different options by chatting with your caregiver at your prenatal check-ups.

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