It takes some time for you and your baby to get to know each other. Each baby is unique from birth.

This class covers how your baby might look and how you can get to know them.

This class  includes:

Section 1 – What does a new baby look like?

If you have not seen a newborn baby you may be quite surprised when you first meet your child. Newborns look quite different from babies who are a few weeks old.

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Section 2 – What does a new baby do?

Here are a few interesting facts to help you to get to know your newborn better.

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Section 3 – How do I read my new baby’s cues?

In the first year of life, babies feel a wide range of emotions such as distress, fear, joy, interest and sadness. Babies can not talk, but parents can learn to understand how they are feeling if they watch them carefully.

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Section 4 – Levels of sleeping and waking

Newborn babies have six different levels of sleeping and waking called ‘states’. Understanding these states will make it easier for you to read your baby’s signals and respond to their needs.

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Section 5 – Tummy time and skin-to-skin cuddling

Tummy time can help with your baby’s physical development, learn more about when to start and different ideas of how to do tummy time with your baby. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby helps their adjustment to being outside of the womb and their emotional development, learn more about skin-to-skin and the benefits.

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