There are many things you and your partner can to do to make your labour more comfortable. Being able to relax, or at least release tension in your body, is the key to managing your pain and increasing your sense of control during labour.

This section discusses relaxation techniques, massage, visualization, breathing and effective positions for labour and birth. Topics include:


Section 1 – What should I know about comfort measures?

This section explores how comfort measures can help you cope in labour.

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Section 2 – How can I relax during labour?

Practicing relaxation techniques will help you in labour. Stress hormones can make your labour longer, and tense muscles can cause more pain. Releasing tension is the key to managing your pain and your sense of control during labour. Learn and practice relaxation skills and routines on your own and with your partner.

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Section 3 – What other things will help my labour?

This section discusses other comfort strategy options.

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Section 4 – What can my partner/support person do to help?

Your support person plays a key role in your labour and birth experience. There are many things your partner can do to help you feel more comfortable so labour can proceed as smoothly as possible.

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Section 5 – Positions for labour and birth?

There are many positions that you can use to help labour progress and increase your level of comfort.

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